Photographer, food writer, shape designer

Ann-Charlotte has worked since 2003 as a freelance photographer specializing in food, interior design and gardens.

Up to date she has participated in publishing a number of books such as:

“Bubbelskratt”, “Frenchcuisine”(a book by GT), “Samuel och Linnéa går på pappersbruk” and is currently working on a series of books based on the theme “journey through Sweden”, where each book is dedicated to one of the 25 provinces. One of the books, “Halländska gårdsbutiker & kaféer” won Sweden's Best Meal Guide in the contest Swedish Meal Literature. The jury´s comment: “This somewhat forgotten landscape is being discovered again, with all its culinary richness of salmon, lamb, cheese, kale and sausage. This guide shows the way in a beautiful way”.