In recent years, I have been working on a project which lies very close to my heart. In a series of books, I have tried to portray our beautiful country by shedding light on farms and cafés in the different provinces. Traditional methods of farming, recipes and cuisines have been taken up both as a cultural heritage problem and an environmental issue especially regarding long transportation of food items.

Up to date I have participated in publishing a number of books such as “Bubbelskratt”, “Frenchcuisine”(a book by GT), “Samuel och Linnéa går på pappersbruk” and is currently working on a series of books based on the theme “journey through Sweden”, where each book is dedicated to one of the 25 provinces. One of the books, “Halländska gårdsbutiker and Småländska gårdsbutiker & kaféer won Sweden's Best Meal Guide in the contest Swedish Meal Literature. The jury´s comment: “This somewhat forgotten landscape is being discovered again, with all its culinary richness of salmon, lamb, cheese, kale and sausage. This guide shows the way in a beautiful way”.